Rodion Sulyandziga. The era of colonial time is not ended

Опубликовано: 21 августа, 2021 в 01:50

Категории: English, Видео, Современное изменение климата

Climate change is also a human rights agenda. As indigenous peoples, we should move forward from the status of victims of climate change to originators of sustainable development and solution agenda, in order to create a strong climate resilience community at the global level and particularly at the local one.

The respect and recognition of the indigenous peoples’ rights, their land rights are a cornerstone for the global Indigenous Peoples’ political agenda. The era of colonial time is not ended. When we are talking about remedy, we are talking about the resource colonials represented by big industrial economies and governments, particularly looking at the indigenous land as a marketplace or marketable commodity used for their economic growth and profit. This is a triangle – respect, recognition, and remedy, based on the colonial and post-colonial period. How can we create a completely new agenda based on human rights recognition?

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